Shops & Garages

Create the Space You Want

Build a workshop on your property in Pasco, WA and Oregon

Do you want a place where you can get your woodworking done in peace? Quality Structures One, Inc. has you covered. We'll build a workshop in the exact dimensions you want. You'll have plenty of space to work and bring your ideas to life.

There are different ways to use your new structure. We can build:

  • Hay sheds
  • Gun ranges
  • Vehicle storage facilities
  • Event centers
  • Wedding venues

Connect with us now to choose a time for us to build a workshop on your site in Pasco, WA and Oregon.

Protect your vehicles from the elements

Whether you're interested in working on classic cars or just want a place to keep your motorcycle, you can trust us to build you a garage that fits the bill. Our garage construction services are just what you need. We use quality materials to build sturdy garages and workshops.

Start your garage construction right away in Pasco, WA or Oregon